Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) eNewsletter - January, 2021


【Industry Insight】Three Building Blocks for Total Security & Document Management in the Hybrid Working Space


The rise in Hong Kong’s hybrid work environments has brought a potential security issue to light. Cybersecurity incidences have increased tenfold along with the increase in remote work.[i]

To counteract breaches associated with the hybrid working setup, companies may secure their documents by turning to the following technology solutions:

  1. Overall Infrastructure Security: Secured IT infrastructure

    The entire infrastructure should be optimized towards securing the mobile work environment. The following security technology components can give employees the ability to work both remotely and safely:[ii]

    • A virtual private network (VPN) that employees can log into for all work purposes;
    • Endpoint security solutions that only allow access by authorized remote devices;
    • A next-generation firewall (NGFW) that enhances traditional firewalls with other network device filtering functions;[iii] and
    • Ongoing security assessment services to manage ever-evolving threats.
  2. Inner Document Security: Cloud-based Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

    Beyond storing your documents online, a cloud-based EDMS implements strict user authentication and access controls, restricting access to authorized users only.[iv] The EDMS may also encrypt documents, and track all modifications so that older versions can be recovered in the event of unauthorized changes.[v]

  3. Hardware Security: Multifunction Printers (MFP) with Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Built-in security features from leading-edge MFPs allow companies to safeguard documents through the printing, scanning and copying process. Management can determine file sharing access rights beforehand, and a TPM stores passwords on encrypted hard drives for complete data security.[vi]


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【Business Innovation Series】

How the New Normal Dictates Digital Transformation in 2021

Digital Transformation

Hong Kong companies have found digital transformation thrust upon them, in the wake of the “new normal”. The pandemic has accelerated executives’ digital transformation timetables,[i] and dictated a new set of priority areas:

  • Building a hybrid workforce. The ideal “new normal” working style combines both onsite and work-from-home environments. To compensate for a decrease in personal interaction, companies must implement video conferencing, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and document sharing platforms across the workforce.
  • Post-pandemic cybersecurity. The COVID-19 crisis has laid new vulnerabilities bare, such as insecure devices and networks used by off-premise workers.[ii] Cloud-based productivity tools for the “new normal” must also have cybersecurity baked in, like document capture platforms that possess native multi-layered security controls and active threat intelligence.[iii]
  • Increased automation. Pandemic-induced workflow issues call for automation solutions to drive operational efficiencies and enhance business processes.[iv] Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered document capture platforms can streamline paper digitalization; robotic process automation (RPA) can take over repetitive, rules-based business processes.
  • Mainstreaming of 5G technology. In the digital “new normal”, solid connectivity and high bandwidth climb to the top of the transformation priority list. Companies must rely on 5G services that can meet growing demand for high-speed, high-volume data communications, and facilitate deployment of the Internet of Things.[v]

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Successful Case of the Month


“Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) MVDP completely replaces TCF and NCR printer-oriented document lifecycle management, which tremendously reduces the management cost and expenditure on the previous printing system. "

--- Royal Supermarket

Revamp the Document Management Process
As one of the principal supermarket chains in Macau, Royal Supermarket (“Royal”) has established over 30 branches which offers a wide range selection of products. Royal is dedicated to providing delightful shopping experience as well as offering an affordable price since 1997. 

Due to an incomplete document management system, Royal encountered some problems in its complex daily operations, including shipping, customs clearance, inventory management, and logistics. These procedures require a considerable amount of invoice printing. 

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【Corporate News】


Fifth Consecutive Recognition of 'Social Capital Builder Logo Award'
Social Capital

Photo Caption: Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) is honored to receive the “Social Capital Builder Logo Award” 

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) is honored to have received the “Social Capital Builder Logo Award” organized by Community Investment & Inclusion Fund. This Award recognizes individuals and organizations biennially on their social capital development contributions and accomplishments on six core social capital dimensions.

This is our fifth consecutive edition of recognition since the establishment of the Award in 2012, and we are very grateful to be recognized for our efforts to establish social capital in Hong Kong.

We try our best to incorporate core social capital dimensions in our operations, including frequent participation in volunteer activities and enhancement of social participation and social networks. We also aim to improve the availability of information and communications by promoting digital transformation. In the future, we will continue to promote our social development contributions despite the epidemic and the global economic slowdown, aiming to construct a loving and caring community.