A user-friendly, secure and affordable approach to managing your company’s sustainability performance from a single cloud-based platform.


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The distributor of the product(s) is FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.

Smart Data for Sustainability

iESG facilitates collection, reliability, consolidation and data analysis. It allows you to: Structure your ESG reporting efficiently

  • Streamline ESG data collection workflows by technologies
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory reporting requirements 
  • Facilitate third-party assurance

Data Management

  • Take control of your data 
  • Leverage powerful automation tools to capture ESG data across your organization


Performance Tracking 

  • Capture performance goals
  • Make informed decisions
  • Improve accountability


  • Personalized dashboard for internal and external reporting
  • Report with confidence
  • Minimize time and effort in external assurance

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Data Governance and Monitoring

iESG strengthens data governance by granting various user access rights. Only dedicated users are allowed to reach delegated data. iESG also features with a built-in approval mechanism, and keeps an audit trail for data assurance.

iESG translates ESG data to visualize year-on-year trend for monitoring and improvement, perform data analytics and make informed decisions. It automatically converts raw data into reporting requirement output.

Data input via Smart Device and Robotic Automation

With FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Smart Device, data from utility bills could be automatically captured. It could minimize human error and save time of manual data input as well as document filling. It facilitates audit procedure during assurance process. iESG could serve as a central repository for ESG-related document. 

Robotic Automation automates routine, time-consuming data entry by simulating human activities so users could devote more time on higher-value works to boost productivity. 

The robot could recognize data of the scanned utility bills to export it into corresponding task in iESG, enables users to more efficiently process documents and automate data entry process. It leverages enhanced workflow processes into ESG manual data entry by linking various digital systems, thus streamlines the overall flow of iESG data entry and consolidation process. 


Verification and Credibility

iESG has been externally verified by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) in fulfilling all disclosure requirements of HKEX ESG Guide.


  • Enhance productivity by technologies
  • Transform raw data into powerful insights 
  • Increase data reliability and traceability
  • Improve communication with your stakeholders
  • Generate data with global standard disclosures requirements

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