Partner Program

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Given the complexity of today’s business environment, no single company can address the needs of every customer. But together, we can improve the way businesses run, whether your customer is a an accounting firm, a design house, a law firm, a multinational company, or a trading company. Joining hands in hands, we can succeed!


Why partner with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Because it's an opportunity to work with an industry leader recognized for its competencies, innovative technologies, high quality products, services and solutions.
Benefits of Partnership vary depending on your need, but these can be included:

  • Technical and support resources for technology integration
  • Co-marketing opportunities including events and demand generation activities
  • Sales commission
  • Training and certification opportunities
  • Rebate programs

Let's working together, getting results.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation DigiVantage Partners

DigiVantage is the starting point for customers to develop a closer partnership with FUJIFILM Business Innovation and leads ultimately to become a member of the company’s Premier Partner Program.

The DigiVantage Partner Program is designed to help grow your digital printing business by providing enhanced service offerings, knowledge sharing workshops, business development tools and personnel skills training that your business needs.DigiVantage aims to ensure your success by developing trust and commitment through a closer partnership with FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

Starting locally with DigiVantage, FUJIFILM Business Innovation will help you to grow creatively and profitably, encouraging you to aspire to be a leader in digital printing and a top tier industry player globally.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Premier Partners

FUJIFILM Business Innovation has partnered with a wide variety of print services providers who leverage the power and flexibility of FUJIFILM Business Innovation digital printing and workflow solutions. In particular, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Premier Partner is a network of expert digital printers (black & white and/or colour), able to handle large volumes, manage complex applications, and meet customer demands. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Premier Partners represent the most advanced and skilled digital printers in Hong Kong.
  • 211 members in Europe
  • 308 members in USA, 2002 launch
  • 70 members in DMO, launch 2003
  • 126 members in Asia Pacific, 2004 launch
  • Print-for-Profit FUJIFILM Business Innovation customer
  • FUJIFILM Business Innovation loyalty - 75% of your digital volume to be printed on Xerox equipment
  • Volume criteria (12m B&W, 1.2m color)
  • Dedicated digital print sales representative
  • Own website
  • Access to industry information, experts and training resources
  • Ability to network with other innovative graphic communication leaders for the interchange of ideas and opportunities
  • Access to a global network to offer customers a global distribute & print value proposition without the capital investment of opening new facilities
  • Where feasible, business sharing among members and FUJIFILM Business Innovation
  • Guaranteed FUJIFILM Business Innovation workflow & print quality
  • 2004 Singapore
  • 2005 Shanghai
  • 2006 Tokyo
  • 2007 Sydney
  • 2008 Macau
  • 2009 Seoul
  • 2010 UK
  • 2011 Vietnam
  • 2012 Germany@ Düsseldorf


  • Xerox/FUJIFILM Business Innovation promotes Premier Partners worldwide
  • Your company details and capabilities on the world wide web
  • A practical and easy-to-use tool for Print Buyers to request on-line quotes
  • A directory listing of Premier Partners
  • Link to your website and email address
  • DG3 Asia Limited
  • Fingerprint Ltd
  • Fotomax (F.E.) Ltd
  • Ideastore Limited
  • Ma King Kee Diazo Printing & Co. Ltd.
  • Regal Printing Limited
  • Toppan Forms (Hong Kong) Limited
  • AsiaGraphics (Hong Kong) Limited